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REWO® Scent G 100

The new dimension of fragrance intensity

REWO® Scent G 100 is a unique silicone derivative that enables the formulation of fabric conditioners with optimized performance in terms of freshness, softness and color protection. Even a small amount is sufficient to increase softness, protect the color of textiles and preserve their fabric.

With Rewo® Scent G 100 manufacturers can optimize the cost-performance ratio by reducing the amount of the active ingredient. REWO® Scent G 100 is also highly compatible and can be combined with existing fabric conditioner variants.

The intensity index clearly shows the improvement of perfume retention on wet laundry and 10 days after washing. Compared to the exclusive use of REWOQUAT® WE 18, the addition of active REWO® Scent G 100 significantly promotes the persistence of the fragrance.

Added value: intensified impressions and efficiency

  • Outstanding, long-lasting, fresh scent
  • Provides color protection and fiber care
  • Boosts softening performance
  • Optimizes cost-performance ratio
  • Compatible with all fabric conditioners

What's in it for you

Long-lasting freshness, enhanced softening performance, improved color fixation and extended fiber stability: With REWO® Scent G 100, companies can develop a premium fabric care product that fully meets consumer requirements.