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HOME Laundry

Global growth of wealth and population results in a higher consumption, new claims and product form of laundry detergents and fabric softeners. 

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HOME Cleaning

A clean and shiny home reflects a healthy lifestyle. Consumers expect fast and convenient cleaning while renewing the look of modern surfaces. Our products offer extraordinary cleaning and caring performance in many application areas.

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Home Dishwashing
HOME Dish Washing

Dish washing is a daily routine all over the world. Consumers look for convenience, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Our performance enhancing products improve manual and automatic dish wash formulations.

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HOME Specialties

We offer ingredients and additives for unique performance in your formulation.

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Vehicle Care

Evonik is the leading supplier of surfactants, emulsifiers, foamers, cleaners, wax additives, drying aids, and pre-formulated performance materials to the vehicle care and transportion fleet maintenance industries.

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Industrial Cleaning

Cleanliness is critically important to insure goods move from farm, through processing, to shipment to the customer. Evonik provides a broad range of products to keep your industrial surfaces ready for the next shipment.

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Industrial and Institutional
Institutional Cleaning

Evonik supplies a full line of specialty surfactants for applications in areas such as janitorial cleaning, kitchen and catering, and commercial laundry.
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Oil, Gas and Geotech
Oil, Gas AND Geotech

Evonik's Oil, Gas and Geotech Product Line has its base in a broad range of organic specialty surfactants and organomodified silicones. We hold strong positions in fatty amines, quaternary ammonium compounds, imidazolines, amphoterics, and Ethoxalyated alcohols. 

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