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  • REWOCARE® 755

    Specialty Polymer for Hydrophilic Surface Modification


     A biodegradable silicone surfactant with superspreading properties

  • REWOCID® WK 30

    A raw material on the basis of an amphoteric surfactant for use in biocidal products

  • REWOPOL® D 510 NC

    Low foaming anionic surfactant

  • TEGO Sorb® B 80

    Antimicrobial odour absorber concentrate, universal usage

  • TEGOTENS® B 810

    Amphoteric surfactant with good wetting properties.

  • TEGO® PP 1027

    TEGO® PP 1027 is an innovative and multifunctional additive for use in home and industrial cleaning formulations. It smoothens out fine scratches on a variety of damaged surfaces and ensures a brilliant cleaning performance. Just a small amount of TEGO® PP 1027 is sufficient to make frequently used areas appear fresh and new.