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     A biodegradable silicone surfactant with superspreading properties


    Rapid wetting anionic surfactant

  • REWOPOL® SB L 203

    Anionic surfactant for gentle, high foam carpet shampoos

  • REWOPOL® TS 35

    Surfactant blend for carpet and upholstery cleaners

  • TEGOPREN® 5878

    Hydrophilic, wetting. Leveling agent for floor care. Excellent spreading, fluorosurfactant replacement in wax and polymer based polishes, water dilutable, improves alcohol resistance for floor coatings. Provides shine, does not build up, easily removable.

  • TEGOPREN® 6922

    Enhancement of the drying effect of rinse aids for automatic car wash stations


    Low foaming amine oxide

  • TEGO® Antifoam 1488

    Dispersible defoamer based on organo-modified siloxanes

  • TEGO® Polish Additiv LFC

    Emulsifier for O/W emulsions

  • TEGO® PP 1027

    TEGO® PP 1027 is an innovative and multifunctional additive for use in home and industrial cleaning formulations. It smoothens out fine scratches on a variety of damaged surfaces and ensures a brilliant cleaning performance. Just a small amount of TEGO® PP 1027 is sufficient to make frequently used areas appear fresh and new.

  • TOMADOL® 25-12

    Nonionic surfactant ideal for laundry detergent formulations. TOMADOL 25-12 has the highest water solubility of the TOMADOL 25-series surfactants and the highest cloud point for product clarity at higher temperatures. The emulsification provided by the TOMADOL 25-series helps prevent soil redeposition in laundry applications. Readily biodegradable (>60% in 10 days), CleanGredients (DfE) nonionic surfactant.

  • TOMAMINE® Inhibitor 60Q

    Effective corrosion inhibitor for use in acid cleaner formulations. Use for mineral acid applications on mild and stainless steel to inhibit corrosion. It is designed to not discolor in most acid solutions.

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