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  • ADOGEN® 66

    Liquid additive for fabric softeners at 100% solids, very effective as an anti-static agent, which helps to stabilize formulations.

  • REWOCID® WK 30

    A raw material on the basis of an amphoteric surfactant for use in biocidal products


    Mild amphoteric surfactant

  • TEGO Sorb® B 80

    Antimicrobial odour absorber concentrate, universal usage

  • TEGO Sorb® Conc.50

    Odour absorber with solubilizers, water-free

  • TOMAMINE® Acid Thickener

    Cationic surfactant designed to provide thickening in acid formulations. This surfactant's thickening works well in cleaners and degreasers intended for vertical surfaces.

  • VARONIC® T 202 SR

    Low ethoxylated tallow amine for use as a co-emulsifier, wetting agent, and synergistic thickening agent