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  • REWOLAN® E 50

    Non-ionic surfactant for cleaning formulations

  • REWOPOL® D 510 NC

    Low foaming anionic surfactant

  • REWOQUAT® CQ 100 G

    REWOQUAT® CQ 100 G is a heavy-duty specialty blend of nonionic and cationic surfactants.

  • TEGO Sorb® A 30

    Highly effective odour absorber concentrate

  • TEGO Sorb® B 80

    Antimicrobial odour absorber concentrate, universal usage

  • TEGO Sorb® Conc.50

    Odour absorber with solubilizers, water-free


    Low foaming amphoteric surfactant

  • TOMADOL® 902

    Nonionic surfactant containing only LVP-VOC. Provides excellent cleaning at reduced levels in hard surface cleaners and degreaser formulations. Fast cleaning over a wide temperature ranges.

  • TOMAKLEEN® G-12 Additive

    Additive that works with your base surfactant to improve cleaning while reducing or eliminating the need for solvents, thus reducing the VOC's and improving environmental profile. Ideal for hard surface applications where fast cleaning action is required.