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  • REWOQUAT® CQ 100 G

    REWOQUAT® CQ 100 G is a heavy-duty specialty blend of nonionic and cationic surfactants.

  • REWOQUAT® CQ 200
  • TOMADOL® 904

    TOMADOL® 904 is a readily biodegradable, highly effective nonionic surfactant developed to speed the development of high performance cleaning systems. It may replace oxygenated solvents and specialty additives that enhance cleaning effects.


    TOMAKLEEN™ G-14 is a highly efficient nonionic system formulated to replace solvent activity in cleaning formulations. It is compatible with nearly all additives, co-surfactants, and builders. It will penetrate soils and wet surfaces effectively. It will augment any industrial cleaning formula by providing effective penetration and wetting. It is recommended for degreasers and for replacing solvents, and it is readily biodegradable (>60% in 10 days).