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Evonik's Technical Applications Product Line has its base in a broad range of organic specialty surfactants and organomodified silicones. We hold strong positions in fatty amines, quaternary ammonium compounds, imidazolines, amphoterics, and Ethoxalyated alcohols. 

We offer cationic and nonionic surfactants for use in the industrial markets. These can function in many ways such as hydrophobization and emulsification.

Our products, technological background, and application knowledge address several markets such as mineral processing, mining, oilfield, sugar refining, phase transfer catalysis and chemical processing. Please contact us further to discuss your project in detail.


Evonik’s quaternary ammonium compounds are used for the hydrophobization of sodium bentonite clay, to make organoclays that are utilized in oil based drilling fluids. We also offer a wide range of ethoxylate alcohols and specialty amines for use in many oilfield applications. Many variation exist for drilling, production, and stimulation applications.

Mineral processing – Mining 

Evonik Corporation produces an array of performance chemicals that serve the mining industry. These include our high quality Tomamine® and Arosurf® reagents for reverse floatation of non-sulfide ores that are specifically designed for this type of mineral flotation. We can tailor make formulations utilizing chemistries to help optimize metals recovery, level of frothing and concentrate grade.    

Phase transfer catalysts

Quaternary ammonium compounds used as phase transfer catalysts increase the efficiency of chemical reactions by increasing the accessibility of aqueous anions to organic reactants.

General surfactants

We provide a range of additives that find use in many applications in general industrial markets. 

Chemical intermediates

Fatty nitrogen compounds are a source of raw materials for various industrial chemicals. Evonik’s array of fatty amines and chemical intermediates are a quality source for these raw materials and will help you gain the competitive edge you are looking for in your formulation.  


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Evonik's biosurfactants


Evonik is the first in the world to use biotech methods for producing industrial-scale quantities of high-quality surfactants—key components of modern shampoos, shower gels, and household cleansers. Learn more on how this has been made possible in this video. 

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Oil, Gas and Geotech

Flotation Reagents for Non-Sulfide Ores

Evonik has a wide range of experience supplying performance chemicals to the mining industry. Our global reach throughout the major mining regions provides customers with local support to help them enhance performance and optimize value. 

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