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Come join Evonik's Household Care team for webinars about the latest developments in products, formulations and application technology. Webinars are held on a regular basis.

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Do you have a formulation problem that you need help solving? Confused about new products and the compatibility of components? Have a burning question that you’ve always wanted to ask industry experts? Come join the Evonik Household Care cleaning team for this unscripted webinar. 

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Car wash
Dry Fast and Protect Long with Carspray and Tomadry

As the rate that new technology and innovations are entering the marketplace accelerates, it has become increasingly difficult to weed through all of the different options one may have to formulate with. Two products may look exactly the same with information provided, but in formulation, may react differently. Let Evonik take some of the guess work out!

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Waterless cleaning with Evonik's rinse free wash and wax

Global water shortage is a growing problem. Even if water is abundant in some region today, years from now that may not be the case. Today, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world do not have access to good quality drinking water. As an industry that uses water both in our products, as well as in the consumer’s application of our products, we need to do our part to help water conservation efforts.

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Coupling Agents: Your Formulation Insurance

Coupling agents can play an important role in cleaning formulations by facilitating the dissolution and dispersion of less soluble organic elements such as surfactants and solvents, thus enabling systems to retain clarity and homogeneity. They also improve overall system stability and reduce the risk of phase separation. 

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Fabric Conditioning Actives and their Applications in Rinse Cycle Products

Fabric conditioners are used in households around world and are formulated according to the culture and market in each region. The actives, dialkyl cationic surfactants, in these conditioners provide softening and antistatic benefits in the form of rinse cycle and dryer cycle products. 

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Finding the Right Surfactant Package for Your Cleaning Formulation

New raw materials and technologies are hitting the market at a faster rate than in previous years, and at the same time, new regulatory pressures are impacting the types of materials that can be used within formulations. These market dynamics are making it increasingly difficult to develop new cleaning products that are competitive in both performance and cost.

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Household Care
Limitless Opportunities Using Organomodified Silicones in Cleaning Formulations

Silicone chemistries are an excellent choice within cleaning formulations due to their low toxicity, high surface activity, versatility, and thermal stability. 

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Using Solvent Replacement as an Opportunity for Cleaning Performance Enhancement

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations are becoming increasingly more stringent due to their effect on the ground-level ozone and other public health concerns. As consumers demand safer product profiles, formulators need to adjust their current and future product formulations to meet ever changing regulations.

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Simplifying Formulation of Hard Surface Cleaners

With so many new raw materials and technologies coming to the market, and new regulatory pressures that are impacting the types of materials that can be used within formulations, developing new hard surface cleaners that are competitive in both performance and cost can be a daunting task.

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