REWOFERM® SL ONE receives certification

Evonik’s REWOFERM® SL ONE has been assessed as compliant to the ECOCERT standard in which strict standards for ecological products are defined. REWOFERM® SL ONE shows an outstanding eco-toxicological profile. It is biodegradable under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions and fully complies with European Ecolabel requirements. In REWOFERM® SL Evonik has launched a novel sophorolipid that uncompromisingly satisfies all the requirements on a high-end sophorolipid: excellent cleaning performance, environmental compatibility, and production from renewable raw materials.

France based certification company Ecocert certifies raw materials and end consumer products in the cosmetics, cleaning and detergent markets. The Ecocert standard is considered as one of the strictest in terms of credibility and environmental friendliness.


Johannes Ikemann