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TEGO® PP 1027

Goodbye scratches, hello gloss!

TEGO® PP 1027 is the most elegant step towards shiny surfaces. As a highly efficient additive, it combines brilliant gloss with a unique repair effect. It is suitable for both home cleaning products and industrial solutions. The easy-to-formulate ingredient can be applied to a variety of different hard materials.

Just a small amount of TEGO® PP 1027 is sufficient to make frequently used areas appear fresh and new. It provides products with a quick drying effect and low foam production that makes surface cleaning more convenient. It is also non-corrosive and 100 % active.

How it works

Gloss index

At a glance

TEGO® PP 1027 is a novelty and multifunctional additive for use in home and industrial cleaning formulations.


  • Provides brilliant gloss and shine
  • Repair effect on hard surfaces
  • Quick dry effect

Application areas

  • Floor cleaning (manual and machine)
  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Surface polishes
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Multi-purpose cleaners