Tomamine® Amphoteric Coupling Agents

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Evonik’s Tomamine® Amphoteric coupling agents go beyond simply coupling a formulation. The Tomamine® Amphoteric product line works alone or with another anionic, nonionic, or cationic primary surfactant to boost cleaning performance and alter the foam profiles of the final formulation.

Coupling agents can play an important role in cleaning formulations by facilitating the dissolution and dispersion of less soluble organic elements such as surfactants and solvents, thus enabling systems to retain clarity and homogeneity. They also improve overall system stability and reduce the risk of phase separation. Most coupling agents are referred to as hydrotropes, as they are commodity products that focus solely on providing that benefit.

Variety of Foam Profiles

Whether you are looking to knock down foam in an automatic dishwash formulation, or want a thick stable foam for Clean in Place applications, Evonik has a Tomamine® Amphoteric coupling agent that fits your unique foaming needs. The primary surfactant provides a foam profile, but the Tomamine® Amphoteric coupling agents can alter the foam profile of that primary surfactant, thus allowing you more flexibility to use different components and still achieve the formulation’s physical characteristics that you desire.

Ideal for Pod Technology

Pod technology and concentrated cleaners are increasingly becoming the choice for both consumers and suppliers – consumers like the pre-sized usage dose, while suppliers like lowering their logistic costs due to the decrease in the amount of water being used in their final products. Evonik’s Tomamine® Amphoteric coupling agents provide the ability to use less surfactant within a solution, while still maintaining the formulations cleaning performance and providing the stability and coupling within a high surfactant load formulation.

81% concentrated car wash formula

DI water
Sodium Metasilicate (SMS)
EDTA (39%)
KOH (45%)
Mix to clear
Tomamine® Amphoteric 12
Tomamine® Q-14-2PG
Tomadol® 902
Tomadol® 1-5

Less Hydrotrope, Same Clean

Tomamine® Amphoteric Coupling agents can be used in less concentration than commodity hydrotropes and solvents, while not sacrificing cleaning performance. Because these surfactants are made for cleaning as well as coupling, increasing the surfactant load does not necessarily mean an increase in performance as the case is with solvents.

On average, Tomamine® Amphoteric coupling agents use level is 54% below the competition

By selecting the right Tomamine® Amphoteric coupling agent, a formulator can enhance their formulation characteristics with just one product.


  • Exceptional coupling efficiency
  • Excellent stability in caustic, acid, and concentrated electrolytes
  • Improves detergency
  • Compatible with most anionic, nonionic, and cationic surfactants
  • A variety of foam profiles
  • A number of products are registered on EPAs SaferChoice CleanGredients® Program


  • Dishwash (manual / home as well as automatic / commercial)
  • Food and Beverage Processing Clean in Place, Dairy
  • Laundry
  • Alkaline and Acid cleaners
  • Metal and parts cleaning
  • Transportation cleaning
  • Hard surface cleaning

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