The new dimension of fragrance intensity

Rewo® Scent G 100

REWO® Scent G 100 is a new silicone derivative that enables the formulation of fabric conditioners with optimized performance in freshness and softness. Longer lasting freshness is still noticeable days after the linen has been laundered.

Just a  small amount of the new self-emulsifiable silicone derivative is sufficient for a significant increase of freshness and softness. Manufacturers can thus optimize cost-performance ratio by reducing the active softener ingredient. Besides being a cost and performance booster, REWO® Scent G 100 is characterized by a high compatibility and can be combined with existing variations of fabric conditioners.


Increased performance in long lasting freshness.  REWO® Scent G 100 boosts variety of fabric conditioning formulations, even at low perfume dosage.


Increased softening performance for softer laundry.  The optimized softening effect occurs already at a low dosage of active ingredients.

Perfume intensity

The intensity index clearly shows the improvement of perfume  retention on wet laundry and 10 days after washing. Compared to the exclusive use of REWOQUAT® WE 18, the addition of active REWO Scent G 100 promotes the persistant scent significantly.

  • Improved performance in freshness and softness

  • Outstanding long lasting fresh scent

  • Improved dosage of active ingredients

  • Compatible with all fabric conditioners


REWO® Scent G 100 boosts freshness and softening  performance in your fabric conditioner formulations. Long lasting fragrance combined with enhanced linen soft ness fulfill consumer requirements. The microemulsion also boosts your cost efficiency by improving the dosage of active softener ingredient.

REWO® Scent G 100

Chemical Description

REWO® Scent G 100 is a novelty self-emulsifiable silicone derivative in a new delivery form to improve the performance of fabric conditioner formulations based on traditional ester quats maintaining an excellent and long-term stability. Consumers recognize a stronger fragrance immediately after the wash and even after10 days using a fabric softener with REWO® Scent G 100 as opposed to those washed without.