Having a problem with foam COntrol?

Defoamer-Antifoam Kit

Evonik has developed several unique technologies to control foam of various types and conditions. These are now available in a Defoamer-Antifoam Kit which offers six different specialty chemical options to prevent and break macro and micro foam. 

Each additive is suitable for different application scenarios. To find out which one is the best solution for your system, feel free to evaluate all foam control technologies.

Key Technology

Arosurf® EK 1026

Patented Gemini Structure

Arosurf® FC 2525

Proprietary Mineral Oil Formula

Arosurf® FC 2807

Proprietary Siloxane Formula

Arosurf® FC 2823

Water Dilutable OMS 

Arosurf® FC 2827

Water Dispersible OMS - High Temp

Arosurf® FC 3024

Renewable Source Technology

We are happy to discuss your experiences with our kit. Just give us a call!