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Rewoquat® CQ 200 

Powerful heavy duty cleaning for best in class results

REWOQUAT® CQ 200 shows remarkable cleaning power for heavy duty soil on various hard surfaces for a broad application area. It is a specialty blend of nonionic and cationic surfactants and is stable in alkaline and acidic formulations.

REWOQUAT® CQ 200 is a strong defatting surfactant with excellent demulsification power for various cleaning applications such as:

▪ Traffic film remover
▪ Metal cleaning
▪ Big kitchen cleaning
▪ Household cleaners
▪ Vehicle cleaners
▪ High pressure cleaners

Fat removal

Cleaning Performance at 40°C, soil: mixtureofparaffinoiland motoroil. Gravimetric evaluation.

This low-foaming product can be used in a broad pH-range and provides anti-static properties even on plastic surfaces.

The remarkable cleaning power of REWOQUAT® CQ 200 against organic soils means that it can often replace solvents or solvent based cleaners.

The smart chemistry of REWOQUAT® CQ 200 provides the best solution for industrial and household cleaning applications.

Benefits at a glance

▪ Powerful degreasing
▪ Excellent demulsification power
▪ Stable in broad pH range
▪ Anti-static properties
▪ Applicable on various hard surfaces
▪ Low foaming
▪ Readily biodegradable

This product is part of our metal cleaning concept.