Sustainability is an important issue. That is why we place sustainability at the center of everything we do. The responsible use of resources and environmentally conscious actions are key aspects that we consider in all our business decisions, not only when developing products. In this campaign, we want to show you how #WeCare.

Sustainability stories

Germany | Drinking water from water tap

With everything we do we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future. This is why we use every chance we can to improve and re-think the way we do things. Our colleague Ralf Klein came up with the idea of using tap water instead of bottled mineral water in our House of Care. Now all of our water taps are equipped with a water filter, saving on CO2 emissions from transporting bottled drinking water. And of course, we are also saving wastewater from cleaning the bottles after their use. Thank you for this sustainable solution!

Further sustainability stories

China | Switch to renewable electricity

Our main production sites in Germany, Brazil, USA and China has been switched completely to renewable electricity in 2021 already.

Germany | No printed catalogues

Our colleagues joined forces and decided to transform the traditional printed product catalogue into a purely digital solution. This is already in place on our customer portal intoCleaning and our website. “We have come up with a product hub that contains updated product information, readily available 24/7 for our customers.”

Germany | Paperless office

Our colleagues from Customer Service had the wonderful idea of reducing the team's paper use to a minimum. "By using a second monitor, we were able to digitalize our processes completely. The whole working process is saving us  a lot of paper.”, said Valentina Cortellazzi (Customer Service & Business Analysis).

Brazil | Change your perspective for even better ideas 

Using resources responsibly and acting with an environmental conscience are key to building a sustainable world. That's why our colleagues in our Evonik São Paulo office came up with an internal project to rethink actions. One project goal was to replace single-use plastics, or disposable plastics at the Evonik São Paulo office.