Formulation Concepts


Solutions for Food and Beverage Cleaning Industry

This concept provides an overview on current trends and important consumer requirements from the Food & Beverage Industry.

At Evonik, we present many examples of products and sustainable solutions that address various cleaning applications. Here are cleaning opportunities used most throughout the food and beverage industry:

Solutions found within this concept

  • Identify the types of soils, particular applications, and effective cleaning products customized for food & beverage
  • Trending claims food and beverage formulators represent on their products
  • Innovative product combinations with guideline formulation know-how

Our formulations address the varied and unique food and beverage cleaning needs to be demanded by the industry. Manufacturers and restauranteurs are mindful that stubborn soils remaining on food and drink processing substrates are nutrient sources for microorganisms, resulting in food safety incidents.

Where you can use our products

Food processing

Industries of sweets, cookies, bakery, egg processing, packaged and processed vegetables and other food

Industrial kitchen

Industrial kitchens, bars, restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores, retail butchers

Slaughterhouse & butchery

Meat processing

Dairy - cold process

Milking systems, storage

Dairy - hot process

Pasteurizers, evaporation (powdered milk)


crafted beer

Other beverages

Soft drinks, juices, teas, water and minderal water, winery, distilleries

Various aspects of the Food & Beverage segments have specific application needs. Whether cleaning requirements address all aspects of food safety relating to indirect food contact or reducing friction and protecting conveyor belts from corrosion, Evonik has exceptional sustainable solutions.

Products and concepts

Discover our Food & Beverage concept and address your formulation needs with our product collection that embodies Powerful Sustainability, High Efficiency, and Time Saving benefits:

The best combination of cleaning performance, mildness and environmental compatibility


Solvent replacement

Alkylphenol alternatives

Multifunctional products, biocidal activity and resistance to extreme conditions

Formulation insurance


Faster routines with minimal rinse, quick drying and easier next time cleaning

Minimal rinse

Quick drying

Easier next time cleaning