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Save energy with Evonik's cleaning solutions

Evonik addresses energy savings along the entire value chain and enables formulators to provide energy efficient solutions for the Cleaning Industry.

The world is facing a global energy crisis following Russia´s invasion of Ukraine and energy prices reached historic levels in 2022. In October, the inflation rate in Europe reached its highest level since the creation of the European Union.

Global consumers are being affected by the increasing cost of living and are trying to reduce energy consumption at home. A mild winter and fuel savings have eased gas prices recently in Europe but keeping demand in control remains crucial as energy prices are facing an uncertain future.

Evonik has developed sustainable products that provide energy saving along the entire value chain. Evonik Cleaning Solutions enables formulators to provide energy efficient solutions for the Cleaning Industry. 

What´s in it for you?

Formulations and product examples that help to save energy from during production, waste water treatment and transportation.
Evonik has prepared solutions to offer in Home Care, including Laundry and Dish Wash, and Car Care.

What´s in it for your customer?

Inspiring formulations that can help consumers to save energy while doing their Laundry, Washing Dishes or Home Cleaning.

Save Energy concepts


  • Turn the temperature down
  • Stop ironing
  • Wash less often

Dish wash

  • Turn the temperature down
  • Foam party
  • More plates in one bath

Home Care

  • 2in1 products
  • Easy production blends

Car Care

  • Efficient performance
  • Easy production blends
  • Temperature stable products