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Natural in Laundry Care

Solutions for making your Laundry Care formulation greener NAFTA

The demand for eco-friendly detergents, especially in home care, has been constantly increasing. But, there are different certification standards in the industry and multiple claims around the term eco-friendly or green.

We want to help formulators to understand market trends and will offer guidance for ingredients selection. We want to highlight not only our natural ingredients for laundry care formulations but also inspirational strategies to make green formulations.


  1. Ultra-Sustainable Biosurfactant: a novel sophorolipid-based biosurfactant that uncompromisingly satisfies all the requirements on a high-end biosurfactant: excellent cleaning performance, environmental compatibility, and production from renewable raw materials.
  2. Based on Natural Feedstock: Plant-derived or naturally sourced ingredients with high renewable carbon indexes.
  3. Safe & Environmentally Responsible: Selected EPA Safer Choice ingredients for Laundry care